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Valentino Garavani / Candy Stud Factory

Inspired by Charlie and the chocolate factory, a seemingly real world hides a wonderful world of fantasy and colour.

In a game of contrasts, the video starts going through the store, which represents the real world. In this first part everything is pink, sober and has an elegant aesthetic.
The second commence with a big cake, it´s a celebration, it´s the fantasy world. Inside the cake we discover the different Valentino bags through mesmerizing stories, one for every bag.

CG Spot and promotional banners created for Valentino Garavani's worldwide #CandyStudFactory campaign and Pop Up store in Beijing.

Client: Valentino Garavani

Agency: Pink Salt feat. Collateral Films

Production/Animation Studio: extraweg Creative Studio

Art Director: Oliver Latta
Concept: Oliver Latta and Bruno León

3D Artist: Oliver Latta , Christopf Strohfeld (Handbags)

Executive Producer: Guido Cella and Beatrice Cardile

Producers: Bruno León and Orsola Giunta

Music Production & Sound Design: Guido Smider


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