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YouTube Originals / ORIGIN Pitch

In ORIGIN we discover the stories of different people who has broken their lives so much on earth that they want to start again. Somehow they need to reborn as a metaphor of a new start in their lives, as an opportunity to leave the past behind.

Searching that rebirth they start a trip on earth, thinking that they are going to wake up in a paradise but instead of that they find themselves trapped in a situation where awful circumstances squeeze them so much they they end up breaking again as humans.
For the final Pitch, we presented three visually different versions. In all of them we looked to represent the suffering, the rebirth concept and the fight between technology versus humanity, where a parasite occupies people minds, learning and copying humans behaviours.

Pitch concept frames for the main titles of ORIGIN, the upcoming series by YouTube Originals.

Client: YouTube Originals

Production Company: Left Bank Pictures

Animation Studio: extraweg Creative Studio

Art Director: Oliver Latta

Concept: Oliver Latta

3D Artists: Oliver Latta

Producers: Bruno León and Alice Pearse


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