extra (DE) /ˈɛkstrə/
Adjective. Being more than what is usual or expected.

weg (DE) /veːk/
Noun. A road, a direction, a (physical or conceptual) path from one place to another.

extraweg is provocation, nonconformity, risk, personality and an attitude.



The strength and focus of extraweg lies in motion Graphic Design, Animation and Art Direction. With a deep passion for the aesthetic value, extraweg creates beautiful imagery and animation in every project approached, no matter if it is live action, 2D or 3D animation,  or everything combined.

Extraweg is committed to tell great stories together with awesome clients.

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Oliver Latta


Oliver is based in Berlin, Germany. 

He studied Design in the Bauhaus University in Dessau. 

As an artist he is inspired by everyday situations. He likes playing with them and play them out in an ambiguous and uncomfortable way trying to focus on provoking sensations in the viewer, which are often perceived as unpleasant and pull him out of his comfort zone in order to get his own interpretation of the seen.

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