extraweg is the artistic name of Oliver Latta.

extra (DE) /ˈɛkstrə/
Adjective. Being more than what is usual or expected.

weg (DE) /veːk/
Noun. A road, a direction, a (physical or conceptual) path from one place to another.

extraweg is provocation, nonconformity, risk, personality and an attitude.



Extraweg design digital experiences. Extraweg provoke emotions.

The aim is to be different, outstanding and innovative, always looking to create something unique that connect and touch the people.

Extraweg take risks and push the boundaries.

The strength lies in Motion Graphic Design, Animation and Art Direction -  from Concept and Design to Production.


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Oliver Latta

Art Director & Artist

(German & English speaking)

Oliver (Kotten, 1987) is a German 3D artist based in Berlin also known as extraweg.

He studied Design in the Bauhaus University in Dessau, and has spent the last years working as a Motion Designer at Sehsucht, an internationally acclaimed filmmaking, animation and visual effects German Studio.

Today he combines his work as an artist under the name of extraweg with his role of Art Director at extraweg Studio, where he develops commercial works for international brands.

As an artist he is inspired by everyday situations. He likes playing with them and show them in an ambiguous and uncomfortable way trying to focus on provoking sensations in the viewers, forcing them to think for themselves.

Bruno León

Producer & Artist Manager

(Spanish & English speaking)

Bruno (Madrid, 1982) is a Spanish entrepreneur who currently lives and works in Berlin.

Creative and multidisciplinar, Bruno has spent the last years running different projects in the field of Design and Architecture.

Today he combines his work as a Producer of extraweg Studio working with international brands, with his role as Artist Manager of extraweg, where he helps Oliver to keep on provoking the world with his imaginary.

Passionate about traveling and music, you will find him dancing at every Music Festival.

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