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CG Spot created for MTV International on the topic of Pleasure as part of MTV Artist Idents.

This piece was created to push the boundaries of visual art. The idea was to get a spot to feel more like art than commercials and the aim was to create something that will make the people stick to their scenes.

MTV Artist Ident - Pleasure 

Since back in 1981 we heard: “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll” the influence that Mtv has had on all of us is undeniable. With a strong visual impact and playing with the limits we represented the pleasure of being an influencer or be influenced.


Client: MTV International

Agency: MTV World Creative Studio

Production/Animation Studio: extraweg Creative Studio


Art Director: Oliver Latta

Concept: Oliver Latta

3D Artists: Oliver Latta


Producers: Bruno León and Francisco Romairone


Music Production & Sound Design: Guido Smider

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